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The costs for students are now higher than ever! According tothe Stockholm Student Budget 2024, 47% of surveyed students report that the student aid is not sufficient to cover expenses. Despite this, scholarships are still relatively unknown. Applying for relevant scholarships can raise hundreds of questions. Do I need straight A’s to get a scholarship? Do I even stand a chance of getting a scholarship? Is it worth applying? We’ll give you the answer: YES, it’s ALWAYS worth applying! There are hundreds of scholarships in Sweden with both strict and general requirements – and there will always be something for you, no matter where in the world or what you’re studying. Some have higher competition than others, but still very few apply for most of them. Do you want to find the most relevant – and the most unexpected scholarship that suits you? Keep reading to find out what types of scholarships are available and sign up for Scholaro for free to receive personalized scholarship recommendations today!


Relax – we’ll help you understand scholarships!






Performance Scholarships:


For individuals who have demonstrated high performance due to various merits, there are several types of scholarships to apply for. Some of these are:



Academic scholarships: Scholarships for academic achievements

One of the most common types of scholarships are academic scholarships. These are based on academic achievements and merits. Many universities and colleges in Sweden offer these scholarships to students with outstanding grades and results. It is important to maintain a high average to be competitive when applying for these scholarships. Some examples of academic scholarships are: Sveriges Unga Akademi Stipendium, Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien Wallenberg Akademi Fellows och Lars Hiertas Minne Stipendium.



Research scholarships: Scholarships for research

For those interested in research, research scholarships are offered to support projects and investigations. These scholarships may be specific to a subject area or institution, and they often give students the opportunity to delve into their research without worrying about financial concerns.



Sports scholarships: Scholarships for sports

If you are an athlete, there are also opportunities to receive sports scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to individuals who have excelled in sports and can cover part or all of the study costs. Many universities and sports organizations offer these scholarships to promote sports talents and enable academic studies simultaneously.



Culture scholarships: Scholarships for music, art, and culture

For those engaged in art, music, theater, or other cultural areas, cultural scholarships are available. These scholarships support students who strive to deepen their artistic interests and can cover everything from courses and training to projects and productions.







Need-based scholarships: Scholarships for financial support


Students experiencing financial difficulties have the opportunity to apply for need-based scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on your financial situation and can cover tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses. To apply for need-based scholarships, you usually need to submit detailed financial information to demonstrate your need for support. Three need-based scholarships awarded to university students are Stockholms Universitets Stipendier för Ekonomiskt Behövande Studenter, Luleå Tekniska Universitets Behovsstipendier och Lunds Universitets Fattigstipendier.






Exchange scholarships: Scholarships for studying abroad


Students interested in studying abroad can apply for exchange scholarships. These scholarships promote cultural exchange and international understanding by supporting students who want to study in another country. They can cover both study and living expenses during the exchange period. Don’t forget that there are several Swedish scholarships for studying abroad!






Entrepreneurship scholarships: Scholarships for entrepreneurs


For aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, there are scholarships that focus on supporting business ideas and innovation. These scholarships can provide financial support, mentorship, and other resources to help young entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. For example, there is Innovationsbron, an organization that supports innovative companies and entrepreneurs. They offer financing and business development support as well as various forms of scholarships to help bring innovative ideas to the market.






Environmental and Sustainability Scholarships: Scholarships for a sustainable future


With the increased focus on sustainability, scholarships are offered to support students striving to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives. These scholarships may focus on various areas, such as sustainable development, environmental science, or renewable energy.







Unusual scholarships: Local scholarships


There are scholarships and financial support specific to individuals in specific circumstances. These are often dedicated to a smaller target group, and a person who meets the criteria often faces less competition when applying for the specific scholarships. For example, there are scholarships for individuals with connections to Gotland. These scholarships may be designed to support the local population, promote education, and cultural initiatives in the area. Here are some examples of possible scholarships in Gotland:




Gotlands Hembygdsförbunds Stipendium:

Gotlands Hembygdsförbund can offer scholarships to individuals engaged in preserving and promoting Gotland’s culture and history. This scholarship may be open to students, researchers, or other individuals contributing to the preservation of Gotland’s cultural heritage.




Stiftelsen skeppsredare Eric D. Nilssons stipendiefond

Stiftelsen skeppsredare Eric D. Nilssons stipendiefond is intended to promote education and training to become ship’s officers. The scholarship is only available for studies after high school for individuals from Gotland.




Region Gotlands Kulturstipendium:

Region Gotland can provide cultural scholarships to individuals active in art, culture, and other creative areas. These scholarships can support projects, education, or artistic efforts that enrich Gotland’s cultural life.




Gotlands Idrottsförbunds Stipendium:

For those involved in sports, Gotlands Idrottsförbund can offer scholarships to support young sports talents or promote sports development on the island.




Gotlands Sparbank Stipendium:

Local banks, like Gotlands Sparbank, can also offer scholarships to students or individuals with connections to Gotland. These scholarships may focus on various projects, including entrepreneurship or community development, that are non-political.




To find specific scholarships, it is usually best to search at the local level by contacting various organizations, associations, and foundations in Gotland. These organizations may have their scholarship programs and contribute to supporting the local population in various aspects of life, including education and culture. Staying updated on local news and events can also be useful in identifying potential scholarship opportunities in Gotland. If you want to save time, you can always create an account on Scholaro for free and receive personalized scholarship recommendations.








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