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Helping students realize their academic dreams.


2022 in Stockholm, Sweden


Vendela Werkelin, CEO & Co-founder
Henrik Tingström, CPO & Co-founder

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– Top 100 SantanderX UK Awards, 2023, London
– Best Young business Idea of the year, 2023, Solna Stad

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KTH innovation, Pre-Incubator Program

Our history

Vendela had a dream to study abroad. While preparing for her Master’s degree in the UK, she faced an unexpected challenge: finding scholarships.

Thousands of students around the world face the same obstacles, making their educational dreams both complex and stressful.

We at Scholaro saw this not only as a problem, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to create a platform that not only facilitates scholarship applications, but also inspires and empowers students to realize their academic dreams.


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Our platform is more than just a grant coach

Scholaro is a resource created from real experiences and needs.

We aim to make the scholarship application process simple and efficient, so that you as a student can focus on what really matters – your education, your experiences, and your future.

Finding your way through all of Sweden's scholarships with AI Assistants.
All scholarships in one place. Prioritize as you see fit.
Reminds you to apply for the scholarships in time.

Different Types of Scholarships: Find the Scholarship for You!

Image: Julia Tsung     The costs for students are now higher than ever! According tothe Stockholm Student Budget 2024, 47% of surveyed students report that the student aid is not sufficient to cover expenses. Despite this, scholarships are still relatively unknown. Applying for relevant scholarships can raise hundreds of questions. Do I need straight […]

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Thanks to the list of scholarships that Scholaro ski…

Focus on your studies instead of to worry about your finances.

See which scholarships you should apply for, easily, quickly and for free.

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